Amazing Roast Beef

Marinated overnight in our own blend of spices, slow roasted for 6 hours.

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The Roast Beef Counter was borne out of the clamor of our regular guests from our first restaurant in 2007 (Q Bistro, Ortigas Center Pasig) to continue to feature, sell and make available our Roast Beef even when we ceased operations from our Restaurant. When we had to close shop in 2014 we came up with other restaurant concepts called The Round Table and Bistro United, where focus was not really on our Roast Beef but on the Small All-You-Can-Eat Concept and Filipino Food merged with Foreign influences. It was during this time that our loyal guests would message us and ask us to make the Roast Beef available on a regular basis for those that simply want to eat Roast Beef without having to pre order beforehand.

We had to think of a way to be able to cater to these patrons hence the idea of coming up with a counter type service where we carve our Roast Beef right before their eyes and the guests can choose how thick or thin they want the cuts as well as the actual weight of what they wanted to buy based on what they see. It’s quick service but you know where exactly your beef came from as it’s carved in front of you under a heating lamp meant to keep the roast beef at its optimum temperature for both taste and food safety.

It’s not your frozen, ready to eat type of Roast Beef that you can buy in the Frozen Section. Out Roast Beef is slow-roasted for 6-7 hours under low temperature to ensure that we lock in the juices of the beef and that it is very tender and not dry. Our gravy has been called as an all-around sauce used not just to accompany the roast beef but also as accompaniment to other dishes. Since we established the Roast Beef Counter in 2018, we have ventured into offering other Food Offerings that pair well with the Roast Beef and now to feature what we call “Ways to level up your Roast Beef Experience” by showing our guests how the Roast Beef can be eaten and cooked as your favorite comfort food.

Word of mouth remains to be our main Marketing Platform bolstered by our Social Medial presence that allows our clients to be informed of our upcoming schedule for the week and engage with us through public or direct messaging. We also utilize these platforms to interact with our guest to ask them what they would like to taste next or how they would like their Roast Beef served.

Our Executive Chef Ameera K. Capay, who hails from a family of restaurateurs and whose passion has always been cooking even if she graduated with a Political Science and Law degree. She was involved in the food business even as she was taking up Political Science and Law as she would work during school break at restaurants owned by the Family namely Twist of Mingoys in Eastwood, Una Mas in Greenbelt. It was here she truly found her calling and brought her to study Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Center and work in San Francisco, USA before returning to the country to pursue her desire to elevate Filipino food and likewise offer fresh, flavorful and affordable food to everyone which was realized when the Roast Beef Counter was established.

Roast Beef Outlets

When we first opened, our market was really for all those clients of ours before that were clamoring that we bring back the Roast Beef but as we progressed when we did some free tasting and market research we found out that even children liked our roast beef and in fact would bring their parents along to buy them roast beef or to take it home. It remains to be the go-to for celebrations be it with friends or family. In these instances more often than not it’s the mothers and/fathers that order for their celebrations of which has expanded to family reunions with the lolas and lolos. Our target market has expanded to from a singular base to a wide range from children, to their parents to the grandparents and even the working class who wish to eat our express meals on their break from work or who would want to grab something they can bring home to eat alone or with their family. Our pricing has taken this into consideration hence the difference in single order pricing of 100 grams to bulk order pricing which we peg as 1 kilo and above to make sure that the pricing will cater to this wide demographics.

We have a permanent kiosk at Unimart, Capitol Commons and have been constantly joining bazaars, food fair, and food shows to showcase our amazing Roast Beef. While this continues to be a viable option for us since it allows us to reach out to more places and hereby reach more people, we also acknowledge that there is a need to have another permanent location where we can showcase not just our Roast Beef but the derivative dishes that come from it as well as what we call “side pairing” (this is a kin to wine pairing, were we can tailor fit the best side dish to go with the Roast Beef while taking into account the preferences or the restrictions of a guest). While there is one permanent outlet,The Roast Beef Counter consistently joins bazaars and other pop-up like in Alabang Town Center, Activity Area which is every Friday to Sunday and in other different areas where we post our schedule regularly on our social media accounts.

The target is to be able to offer our #amazingroastbeef to a wider audience and not be limited to our existing clients by expanding in both in a north of Manila and south of Manila location to allow for better logistics as we engage with pre-existing delivery partners to make sure that more people will have access to it on a regular basis and not just for special occasions.

We also conduct certain promos at our kiosks meant to drive clients on lean days and hours to drive people to come on those days and time. We also currently have a loyalty program for our guests who constantly buy from us to give them incentive.

The Roast Beef Counter
The Roast Beef Counter
The Roast Beef Counter

Carving Station

Make us part of your celebration and have our carving station to your party with minimum 5 kilos of Roast Beef plus the carving fee

Our Main Product is our Roast Beef. We call it our #amazingroastbeef. Our meat is imported from the US via our local purveyors and suppliers that we marinate overnight with our own proprietary blend of spices then slow-roasted for about 6-8 hours at very low temperatures to ensure that the flavors are locked in and the juiciness of the beef is not sacrificed to achieve a very tender product in the end. Served with Au'jus gravy, which comes from the drippings and marination of our beef while roasting.

Make our #amazingroastbeef as the star of your buffet for a minimum of 5 kilos ( a kilo can serve 8 to 10 persons) plus the carving fee which includes the set-up and a kitchen staff to assist your party. Please note that these are current prices we offer but may be subject to slight deviation depending on market forces of which include increase in raw materials, importation cost of our suppliers, labor, electricity and fuel among others. For events outside Metro Manila minimum order may vary and out of town fee will apply.

The Roast Beef Counter
The Roast Beef Counter

For events outside Metro Manila minimum order may vary and out of town fee will apply.

The Roast Beef Counter

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Other Amazing Dishes

We also offer Food Tray options for the said dishes, but they must be ordered in advance. They are best paired with Slab order or kilo orders of the Roast Beef for take-out. Each tray can serve 8 to 10 persons.

Adobo sa Manga

Our chef's own take of our very own Filipino chicken adobo, we use green mango instead of vinegar and added some shrimp paste to complement its flavor.

Php 1300

Best Seller

Q Salad

Mixed Greens with cherry tomatoes, walnuts and mandarin oranges serve with our signature Apple cider based Q Dressing.

Php 995


Roastbeef Carbonara

Fettuccini pasta with cream based sauce and roast beef bits topped with roast beef flakes.

Php 950


Fish Pastel

Fish in creamy white sauce and vegetable chunks served with crust.

Php 1,100

Braised Beef in Tomato Ragout

Roast Beef chunks braised in tomato sauce with caramelized shallots and topped with gremulata.

Php 2500

Chicken Pastel

Chicken in creamy white sauce and vegetable chunks served with crust.

Php 1450

Bolognese Pasta

Spaghetti pasta tossed in well seasoned tomato sauce with ground pork and ground beef.

Php 1150

Grilled Chicken / Black Vinaigrette Sauce

A simple but surprisingly delicious chicken dish that goes well with other dishes

Php 1350

Aglio Olio Pasta / Mango and Tomato Relish

Spaghetti pasta tossed in olive oil, lots of garlic and freshly sliced basil topped with minced tomatoes and green mango

Php 900

Caesar Balayan Salad

Mixed Greens with croutons, bacon bits and parmesan cheese paired with our version of caesar dressing wherein we used Bagoong Balayan of Batangas instead of anchovies.

Php 995

Food Tray Junior

Jr size of other amazing dishes good for 4 to 5 persons

Best Seller

Roast Beef Sisig

Level up your Roast Beef experience with our version of your favorite sisig

Roast Beef Sisig Php 250

Holiday Combo

1 kilo sliced of amazing roast beef with creamy mashed potatoes and grilled seasoned vegetable in black vinaigrette sauce

Php 2,650

Carrot Cake

Php 1,900 Party Size (9 inch)
Php 1,000 Medium Size (6 inch)
Php 325 Sharing Size (4 inch)

Chicken Lollipop

Php 1,700

Baked Salmon

Norwegian baked salmon topped with garlic-mayo serve with buttered corn on the side

Php 1,900

Roast Beef Ice Cream

Coming Soon!


Level Up Your Roast Beef

Bring Your Roast Beef Experience to the Next Level!!
Ideas on how to make your favorite traditional dishes to the next level by using our #AmazingRoastBeef

RoastBeef Carbonara


Nilagang Roastbeef

Breaded Roastbeef with Mushroom Gravy

Fried Roastbeef

Sinigang na Roastbeef

Roastbeef Ala Lechon Paksiw

Roastbeef Salpicao

Roastbeef Sisig

Roastbeef Tacos

Beef Rolls

Roastbeef Stew

Bottled Products

Bring home the goodness.
The Roast Beef Counter Bottled Products

Tinapa Paté

Caesar Balayan Dressing

Q Dressing

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Roast Beef Flakes Bottle

Secret Sauce